Jiffy Boba was founded in 2021 by Elvon Hsu in Taipei, Taiwan where boba was first invented in the 1980’s. Since then, Jiffy Boba has expanded to the US, Singapore, and Germany. The idea for Jiffy Boba started with Elvon’s, who’s aunt owns a fish farm. At the time, the fish farm was producing tons of unutilized marine collagen. This inspired him to create Jiffy Boba — a tapioca product that supports skin and joint health made from fresh marine collagen — never from collagen powder. After many iterations, Elvon invented instant collagen boba. Unlike other boba on the market, Jiffy Boba has 1g of protein and 1,840 mg of collagen per serving. Now, it’s easy to make a delicious boba drink in 60 seconds using either a microwave or a pot of boiling water.

With Jiffy Boba there’s no need to worry about making too much boba or having to bring water to a boil. Each packet is measured  out to one serving of boba – the perfect amount to add to our milk tea, or your favorite smoothie, protein shake, tea, or milk. All in the comfort of your own home.



Jiffy Boba. Problem: solved

Problem Solution
Boba Isn't Necessarily Healthy
Jiffy Boba Uses Collagen-Enriched Boba
Boba Takes Too Long To Make At Home
JIffy Boba Collagen Enriched Boba Drinks Take 60 Seconds To Make

Our Philosophy And Our Promise

Shelf-stable, this product won’t take up your valuable freezer space and can be stored in the pantry. We are ever committed to health, quality ingredients, and authentic flavors.